Halloween Costumes

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Halloween Glamorous Capes Accessories: Go Weird This Halloween

Witch is an integral part of Halloween. Witch costume is the first choice of the girls for Halloween along with suitable hat, wig and many other things. Halloween glamour cape accessories add special effects to your witch look. Have you tried it? Not yet? Then let’s check out what the collection is offering you.

Hooded spiderweb cape

This is a black net hooded cape which has a jagged hemline and a black tie fastening tie at the neck. This sensual cape has a silver spiderweb. It goes well with different kinds of Halloween costumes.

Black taffeta cape

This is a simple black taffeta Halloween cape. It has a simple matching black turnover collar and there is a simple tie attached to the cape.

Chartreuse and black reversible cape

This is a long beautiful chartreuse green and black reversible satin cape featuring a decorative around the neckline.  This is purely a reversible cape featuring a highly unusual chartreuse green colour. You can try this cape with a number of witch costumes.

Black taffeta cape

This is a long length reversible satin cape which allows you to spill liquid from the cauldron on one side. This cape is given a finishing piece to a number of costumes. It adds glamour to your appearance.

Red and gold reversible hooded cape

You will find two colours in this cape. Red and gold are the two colours of the cape. This cape is featured with a beautiful vibrant gold lining.

Full length Mesh cape

This appealing full length black cape has an attached hood and a simple tie fastening at the neck. You can wear their cape with different types of costumes.

There are many various capes included in this collection. These are only few of them. Karnival House is an online shop which offers a wide collection of glamorous Halloween capes at affordable prices. For detail information, mail at: info@karnival-house.co.uk