Halloween Costumes

Friday, 3 June 2016

Pick One from Top Four Halloween Costumes for Men

This year some Halloween costumes for men have become so popular that youths, adults, and even aged men are buying those costumes crazily. Online stores are all set with their unique and stylish men costumes for the upcoming festival. These most popular men costumes include Anubis the jackal adult fancy dress costume, bag of bones skeleton Halloween costume for men, bloody jacket adult Halloween costumes, burning dead zombie adult Halloween costume etc.

Anubis the jackal adult fancy dress costume
This is the most appropriate Halloween dress for men. It is comprised of a long sleeved black tunic featuring a high rounded neckline and attached wide decorative collar running around the front from shoulder to shoulder. The tunic is made knee length and the front of the dress has a wide panel from chest to waist in two gorgeous colours. The lower part of the tunic is has been given a wrap over effect and the edges of this portion are trimmed with a wide black and gold fabric. A pair of metallic gold armbands and a pair of matching wrist cuffs are necessary accessories for this costume.

Bag of bones skeleton Halloween costume for men
This bag of bones costume is comprised of a black long sleeved top featuring a high rounded neckline and jagged cuffs to the sleeves. Both the front and outside of the arms are made printed with a skeleton bone structure. The top is found to be worn with suitable black trousers which have an elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit. Theses trousers also have distressed ankles to suit the sleeves and the trousers are printed like the body. The costume will look perfect with a white skull-shaped hat.

Bloody jacket adult Halloween dress
Bloody jacket Halloween dress is comprised of a long sleeved bloody jacket having black lapels and collar. It is splattered with blood. You can wear a blood splattered bandage around your forehead to make the appearance more real.

Burning dead zombie costumes
Burning dead zombie costume comprises of a long sleeved tattered top in dark drab colours. This dress has shredded Smokey looking gause. The costume reflects a burnt effect and this effect continues down to the sleeves along with the cuffs. A matching pair of trousers with an elasticated waistband is included with the costume. A useful face mask is mandatory with this costume.


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